Are you looking to get away from the high costs of manufacturer issued maintenance contracts without reducing the coverage they provide?
Our third party support system keeps your network up and running through high-quality and reliable maintenance
designed to meet your budget and performance requirements, at a fraction of the cost from the original manufacturers.

Whether it's your wireless access point, fiber channel switch, or network director that has reached the end of its initial warranty,
Legacy provides world-class support and maintenance for networking hardware from Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM, and more.

We not only support current generation hardware but also legacy/end-of-life equipment no longer protected by the original manufacturers.
We make it simple and easy for you to maximize your ROI by extending and optimizing your network's lifespan.


Our third party support is a fraction of the cost of services from the manufacturers and allows you to maximize the ROI on your current hardware.


Our network support services are often the missing puzzle piece that joins both budget and performance requirements.


We stock a huge variety of equipment and parts including many hard to find items no longer available from the manufacturers.