Our third party server maintenance and support services extends the life of your servers long after the warranty coverage from original manufacturers like Cisco, Dell, HPE, and IBM has expired.  We help enable you to keep all of your data center's assets from multiple vendors, under one contract.

Our server maintenance solutions are tailor-made for each customer spanning from current industry standard models
all the way to legacy products no longer covered by the original manufacturers.

In addition to offering a multitude of service and support for your servers, we also carry a large number of replacement parts
and we are able to make recommendations when the time comes for you to make upgrades.


Our third party maintenance support service extends the life of your servers beyond the manufacturer's warranty coverage.


Personalized maintenance solutions tailor-made to focus on the unique needs of each individual customer.


We stock a huge variety of equipment and parts including many hard to find items no longer available from the manufacturers.